What We Offer

Service Offering

  1. engineering interviewWe work on a contingency basis. This enables our clients to solicit the best talent for permanent or contract roles at no upfront costs
  2. Our fees only come into effect after a successful candidate completes the hiring process and starts on day 1 with the client


  1. Fees are charged at an upfront agreed upon rate with each client
  2. Our fees are scaled and each agreement is dependent on the clients short, medium and long term requirements

Benefits of Working With Us

  1. engineering candidatesWe boast, arguably, the most comprehensive list of civil engineering professionals, graduates and students – engineers, technologists and technicians, in South Africa
  2. We understand the needs of  the built environment professions. This includes the needs of the industry, the civil engineering profession as well as the civil engineering professionals.
  3. Our payment arrangements are flexible.
  4. We are passionate and believe in the civil engineering and built environment professionals

Terms and Conditions

To be part of the civil engineering profession is to be part of a community that believes in unity, teamwork and integrity. Fronesis contracts under standard terms & conditions. Our intention is to embark on, and walk a journey with our clients and candidates. We believe our contract enhances this aspiration